You save time and money with our professional Load Management services. It’s that simple.

We Negotiate Top Paying Rates

We negotiate and book top paying loads averaging over $2.00 per mile. We look for light loads with fast on and off times!

No more talking to brokers or drivers. We take over all phone and e-mail updates, ensuring everybody is on the same page.


We Keep You Loaded

We help your driver get unloaded quickly and promptly. We call on your behalf to get you the detention money you deserve!

We Handle Back Office Work

We complete all paperwork on your behalf. From New Carrier Packets to Rate Confirmations.

Decrease your operational costs and increase productivity and profitability. Sky Legacy Logistics offers professional truck dispatch services including booking loads, contract completion, e-mail/phone dispatch and updates. 


We Perform Broker/ Shipper Credit Checks

We run credit checks on all brokers we work with to ensure that you will be paid on time and in a timely manner.

You will receive your own Personal Dispatcher

All of our dispatchers are trained in using industry leading TMS Software, load boards, invoicing and accounting software. Working with a new company is always a smooth transition as we learn the ins and outs of each and every business and tailor a custom dispatch solution.

Our dispatchers undergo a 3 month probation period in which they learn the ins and the outs of the industry. In those 3 months they receive extensive training and education about the logistics industry and trucking. They are trained to handle any circumstance that may occur. From detention to breakdowns, lumper pay to Comchecks, you can count on our dispatchers to help your trucks keep on moving.